• Missing file "ilastik-summary.pdf" in category "Documentation" Brief summary slides with some examples and some information on how ilastik works internally.

Outdated Videos

Cell classification - 2D workflow

This video shows the standard workflow for 2D images for the example task of cell classification. It introduces basic navigation and control shortcuts. A sample ilastik project file similar to that produced in this video can be downloaded Missing file "cell.ilp" in category "Documentation".

Neuron classification - 3D workflow

This video shows the standard workflow for 3D volumes for the example task of neuron classification is isotropic volumes. It introduces the basic navigation in 3D images and explains the use of the uncertainty overlay.

Programming extensions

How to program a custom image feature

Advanced material

Loading and processing stacks of images

Feature selection

"Feature selection tutorial"

Batch processing

Creating RGB images from single tifs

Working with multiple images

Working with overlays

Exporting overlays

Youtube channel